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Educational Institutions

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National Blue Ribbon Schools

Education Service Provider

Academica supports a dynamic network of high-performing public charter schools. Charter school networks served by Academica are among the nation’s highest achieving. Academica supported schools are closing the achievement gap. Academica schools work to help students achieve their potential.


K-16 Model

Academica revolutionized the traditional K-12 educational path turning it into a dynamic K-16 network. Students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups have access to a free, high-quality education from Kindergarten through College.

Three International Studies Charter High School students at graduation

Digital Education

By integrating technology with groundbreaking educational initiatives, Academica creates a top-notch educational experience for any child. Academica offers engaging digital learning opportunities domestically (AVE) and internationally (AIS).

Six elementary students siting on chairs in front of computers receiving online instruction in a charter school


Academica is one of the nation’s longest-serving and most successful education service organizations, providing professional services and related support to public charter schools.


Academica has an experienced team of professionals to provide services and solutions for every aspect related to the establishment and operation of educational institutions.


With central headquarters in Miami, Florida, Academica has offices in major regions, working with communities and educational institutions to provide high-quality educational programs across the globe.

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