Academica International Studies (AIS) is the international branch of Academica Virtual Education.

AIS combines generations of effective teaching practices with technological possibilities today.

AIS embodies the delicate balance of providing students with the content knowledge necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy, with the motivation essential for inspiring them to believe in themselves, and with an overall educational experience that promotes a sense of responsibility, dedication, and empowerment.

Through innovative instructional methods and a problem-posing orientation to learning, students are challenged to think critically about complex concepts and apply solutions to every-day, lived situations.

The AIS Dual Diploma Program is part of a network of more than 180 high-achieving brick and mortar schools across the world. Through the use of technology and the implementation of groundbreaking educational initiatives, AIS is able to put education at the fingertips of any child.

The Dual Diploma Program
Services & Benefits

Access Access to a diverse, fully-accredited course catalog. Our courses are aligned to both state and national standards.
Innovation The possibility for student enrichment in a rich and engaging virtual classroom provided by a student-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) and an array of interactive programs, software, and applications.
Responsiveness Our teachers are professionally trained in online education best practices and will communicate with students adhering to our high standards for faculty responsiveness.
Mentorship Students will be closely monitored by teachers and administrators to ensure achievements, including a cohesive communications plan that alerts students and parents about any potential problems early on.