A Digital Education Operating System (deOS™)

Colēgia empowers educational organizations to connect their learning communities. It delivers a secure digital platform and complementary suite of educational applications, content, and communications.

Through the use of Colēgia, schools can offer a seamless Remote Live Instruction (RLI) experience. Remote Live Instruction gives students the opportunity to actively participate in the classroom while learning safely from their homes. Colēgia optimizes the brick-and-mortar, virtual, or flexible combined learning experience.

Remote Live Instruction

During RLI students receive instruction from teachers in REAL-TIME from the safety of their home.

With the enhancements of Colēgia and Classrooms of the Future, students learning under RLI have the ability to attend classes, interact with other students, engage in lessons, and take assessments from home. ​

Learning via RLI prepares students with the tools and skills to succeed academically and professionally.

For more information on Colēgia: https://colegia.org/