Welcome to The Classroom of The future

The Classroom of the Future (COTF) is optimized for Remote Live Instruction (RLI).

Benefits of Classrooms of the Future:

  • Daily, Live Instruction
  • Engaging interaction with Teacher and Students in real-time
  • Fully Optimized 21st Century Learning Environment
  • A Complete Learning Experience from Home
  • Safe, secure environment for students

The COTF is equipped with technology to allow schools to teach students in the physical classroom and those attending from home, simultaneously. Teachers and students in the brick-and-mortar setting engage in two-way teaching, learning and participation with students attending class remotely.

The technology includes smart boards and large flat screen display panels in the back and front of the classroom. Auto-tracking cameras allow teachers to move around the classroom while students follow along at home. High definition microphones and audio augment the at-home experience. Students in class and those attending with RLI are able to engage in live instruction. They can ask questions in real-time and take part in discussions with the teacher and their classmates. The COTF leverages technology to move education forward.