The Remote Learning Experience with Jeremiah
Pierre-Louis of Mater Brighton Lakes Academy

This year, teachers have faced the challenges of teaching remotely. In Academica-supported charter schools, teachers have been able to use The Classroom of the Future. In fact, some of those teachers have been guests in our “Charter School Superstars” podcast. However, teachers are not the only ones who have faced challenges. Whether in the building or learning via Remote Live Instruction, students have also had to adjust to learning during the times of Covid-19. Episode 92 of Charter School Superstars features Jeremiah Pierre-Louis, a ninth-grader in Mater Brighton Lakes Academy in Kissimmee, Florida who is learning via Remote Live Instruction. In this episode, Jeremiah speaks with Ryan Kairalla about his experience using The Classroom of the Future and some of his favorite aspects of it.

When asked what excited him the most about The Classroom of the Future, he said that he liked the fact that he was able to see his teachers and students in the physical classroom. This is true for students who are learning remotely. It is made possible by using technology like the auto-tracking camera (click here to learn about technology in COTF). Jeremiah also said that he liked the screen sharing feature, grouping feature, and his school's use of “Kahoot” and “Nearpod” as it made learning more interactive.

All these different features have made the remote learning experience for Jeremiah, and many students, much more enjoyable. Jeremiah even said that he was surprised to see how much he liked it. He had originally thought that, because he is a social individual, the adjustment would have been unfavorable. This shows that The Classroom of the Future is helping students interact and engage with their peers even when they are learning remotely. As a matter of fact, he described The Classroom of the Future as being better than physical school. He said it removes in-class distractions, gives the students options, and allows for more time and freedom. Jeremiah believes that it may even help accommodate students in the future who may not be able to attend school due to sickness. Students might be unable to attend school because of a myriad of reasons, but The Classroom of the Future will still be able to help.

Though he acknowledges the many benefits of The Classroom of the Future, he wishes there are a few changes in the meantime. He says that he would like to see how The Classroom of the Future and Remote Live Instruction can expand to safely allow remote learners to participate in more sports and extracurricular activities. Besides those minor modifications, Jeremiah believes that features like The Classroom of the Future should be expanded and kept in the future to help students learn and teachers teach without being constrained by location.

Listen below to Jeremiah Pierre-Louis speak about his remote live instruction experience.

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