Ralph Krauss: Edutainment Learning (Virtual guest speakers in charter schools)

Date: 10/15/2020

Throughout the course of time, technology continues to be integrated more and more in the classroom. Now more than ever, teachers and students are using technology as a means of providing and receiving an education; however, not all students learn the same way. With Edutainment, students are able to learn about the importance of hardwork in a new way, while also being able to interact with guest speakers.

“Virtual guest speakers in public charters with Ralph Krauss of Edutainment Learning” is the 72nd episode of Charter School Superstars. Featured in this episode is Ralph Krauss, the creator and founder of Edutainment Learning. Initially, Mr. Krauss created this program as a way to inspire his students. Knowing each student learns differently, he began to invite guest speakers to his classroom to discuss their careers in order to reiterate his lessons about hardwork and determination to his students. Mr. Krauss quickly realized that this method was working and his students were engaging with the guest speakers.

Mr. Krauss was later hired by Pinecrest Academy in Nevada to help manage and implement the Nevada Ready 21 Grant, which was a grant awarded for creative ways of using technology in the classroom. At this point, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine technology with his method of bringing guest speakers to his students. This led to the creation of what is now known as Edutainment Learning.

In its early stages, Mr. Krauss would bring in guest speakers on Google Hangouts, and project the conference on the board for the students to watch and interact. After further development, the video conferencing for the guest speakers is now held on Zoom. Through Zoom, the host can manage who is speaking and who gets to send messages, keeping everything appropriate for the students, while also giving the students the opportunity to ask questions in the “Q&A” box.

Teachers are able to utilize Edutainment Learning in their own classroom and lesson plans by having students interact, take notes and answer questions based on the event. Edutainment Learning’s very first speaker, Clint Hill, a former secret service agent, was chosen based on the fact that the students were learning about the assasination of President Kennedy in their social studies class. Clint was there at the time of the assasination and was able to give students first hand information based on his personal experience that was not in their textbooks. This program has been able to inspire and educate students in different ways. Edutainment Learning has since had speakers such as Ben Carson, Fernando Zulueta, Ben Lesser, and hundreds of others.

Learn more about Edutainment Learning and virtual guest speakers in public charters, by listening to episode 72 of Charter School Superstars or by visiting Edutainmentlearning.com.

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