Learning in the classroom during Covid-19 using The Classroom of the Future with Jaslene Diaz

Episode 93 of Charter School Superstars, the fourth episode of the “Classroom of the Future” series, features Jaslene Diaz, a seventh grade student from Mater Brighton Lakes Academy in Kissimmee, Florida. One of the first questions our host, Ryan Kairalla, asked her, was "What was her favorite subject in school?". She said she liked Math since it was one of the few topics where there is always a definitive answer, as opposed to other school subjects.

They then began discussing the school’s answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Classroom of the Future. Unlike last week’s guest, Jaslene is learning in person, so her experienceand perspective is slightly different from those who learn via remote live instruction. Yet, just like last week’s guest, Jeremiah Pierre-Louis, to Jaslene, there is plenty in common regarding the feedback they gave.

For example, one of Jaslene’s favorite aspects of The Classroom of the Future is that, even though students do not see each other in person, they are able to interact with each other using the technologies that The Classroom of the Future provides. This includes Jaslene’s favorite feature—the two screens in the classroom.

The first screen she was referring to is the interactive whiteboard where the teacher displays content pertaining to the lesson that day. When students are engaging with their classmates by sharing their screen, this is the screen that displays the content on their devices both in the classroom and remotely at home.

The second screen she is referring to is the "Classmate Panel" or as Jaslene calls it“back screen”. This screen is the one that facilitates the interaction mostly between the remote students and the teacher. It is placed in the back so that the teacher can face both their in-person students and remote students. However, it also helps facilitate interaction between classmates in the classroom and remote classmates.

Remote students, though they are not physically in school, are still able to have the same learning experience as the in-person students. As Jaslene said, “They’re still able to learn the way that they did in school,[...].” When transitioning to remote learning, both learning itself and interaction were some of the concerns, so it is refreshing for a students in the classroom are able to reaffirm that their fellow classmotes are able to learn and receive an education remotely.

Jaslene acknowledged The Classroom of the Future allowed students to interact with everyone in the classroom. She said she can still talk with classmates, see how they're doing, and watch them grow.

Even though students and teachers have had to adapt to drastic changes, they have been able to make the best of the situation with the Classroom of the Future and, most importantly, their determination.

Tune in below to listen to Jaslene discuss her experience with Classroom of the Future!

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