Benefits of the Classroom of the Future

The “Classroom Of The Future” (“COTF”) is a new concept in education. COTF involves students learning synchronously through Remote-Live Instruction, while others are in class, live, with the teacher. COTF is a groundbreaking educational model. The benefits of COTF are extensive. “Classroom Of The Future” provides school safety, gives students options, and empowers parents to make the choice they deem best for their child.

Safe and Secure Learning Environment

COTF classrooms maintain a small-class environment. Reduced class sizes maintain social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. Following CDC guidelines, schools require both faculty and students to wear masks on campus. All students face the same direction when in the classroom — as opposed to facing each other. Lunch distribution was rethought. Although not all schools have the same plan for lunch distribution, plans include: drive-by pickups, delivering lunches to the classes, staggering lunch by classes to sanitize between groups, etc.

A Complete Learning Experience

COTF uses Remote-Live Instruction ("RLI"). With RLI, students learn from home while their in-person classmates are learning in the classroom. This form of instruction is different from a typical online learning environment. Students are able to interact with their teachers and students, live and in real-time.

This environment is beneficial for students. It establishes a sense of normalcy and routine. Students interact with peers and teachers they have not seen in months. Flat-screen HD displays show students who are attending virtually, allowing communication and interaction regardless of the student’s location. The social interactions that students have with others (peers and teachers included) are crucial for their social, emotional, and cognitive development. Such interactions help students make sense of the world around them. COTF ensures that students are not deprived of the human interaction that is integral to learning.

Cutting Edge Technology

To encourage students to interact with their peers, whether they’re in person and remote learning, COTF uses the following technology:

Flat-screen HD Displays: Displays the students who are learning remotely. It is positioned in the back of the class, so the teacher can see both remote students and in-person students.

HD Auto-tracking Camera: Automatically follows the teacher throughout the classroom. This allows remote students to see their teachers, white boards, and peers.

Interactive Whiteboard: Displays to students in class and at home. Teachers have the option to engage remote students by allowing them to show work on the board.

Classmate Panel: Positioned near the corner in the front of the classroom. A small TV displays students who are learning remotely. It is positioned in the front so in-person students can see remote peers.

Empowering Families with Flexible Options

COTF allows parents to choose the most convenient option for them.  During a time of uncertainty, the COTF offers parents a safe place for their child to learn. Parents choosing Remote-Live Instruction do so knowing their child is still receiving a robust and engaging education while at home. Classroom of the Future is an educational innovation that gives families personalized learning options.

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