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Academica has an experienced team of professionals to provide services and solutions for every aspect of establishment and operation. The company ensures a school's Governing Body has complete autonomy and control over its school academic program, staffing needs, and curriculum. Academica assists educational organizations in many ways:

Educational Choice

Charter school student writing in a workbook with a pencil in a safe school environment.

As new educational innovations emerge, Academica can apply 20+ years of experience helping clients launch independent charter schools to other school choice models:

• Writing charter school applications and petitions
• Training on and assistance with application processes
• Facilitating the establishment and coordination of corporate structures

Academic Support

A student sitting at a desk working on his classwork receiving high quality education assistance from his teacher

A focus on student success requires building great teams, providing the necessary resources, and discovering best practices for continuous improvement:

• Assisting governing board in identifying dynamic and effective school leader
• Hosting leadership retreats in order to share best practices throughout school networks
• Assisting with curriculum research, development and modifications
• Analyzing, interpreting and using academic performance data to inform and improve instruction

Financial Services

Doral Performing Arts students working on school art show projects

The foundation of sustainability is fiscal accountability:

• Bookkeeping and accounting services
• Quarterly and annual budgets, including budget forecasting
• Cash flow projections and obtaining financing
• Establishment of credit facilities
• Development of capital outlay plans
• Coordination and logistical support of financial audits

Governmental Liaison

Charter school leaders discussing the future of education and virtual instruction with their education service provider.

Encourage communication between a governing board, its school and regulatory entities to ensure compliance, approvals and continuing support for school choice:

• Municipal, state and federal agencies
• Advocacy
• Reporting


A safe school building with the word DORAL across the front and cars parked in front. or A school building with DORAL written across the front, windows looking into classrooms of the future and cars parked in front.

Creating a vibrant, dynamic learning environment is as important to a quality education as staffing and curriculum:

• Site selection and acquisition assistance
• School design and developments
• Land-use approvals
• Providing access to award-winning facilities
• Compliance with fire and security requirements
• Planning for future facilities needs

Human Resources

Seven charter school students holding a globe together in a school hallway.
ISCH students proud of the multi-lingual and mutli-cultural education they are receiving.

Inspire student success by bringing together people who share the vision of high-quality education for all:

• Identifying staffing needs
• Recruiting of staff
• Incentive programs
• Payroll coordination
• Governmental compliance

Strategic Planning & Implementation

A line of students wearing school uniforms are standing on a soccer field in front of a blue and yellow charter school building.

Exploring the potential impact of emerging trends helps educators address immediate needs and plan for the future:

• Long and short-term planning and budgeting
• Strategic positioning
• Identifying underserved markets
• Replication and scaling of programs

Public Relations & Marketing

A student helping with SLAM! radio is wearing headphones in front of a microphone disscussing remote live instruction

Cultivating quality relationships internally and across networks brings to light new ideas and ways to improve:

• Identity and brand development
• Student and parent engagement strategies
• School climate surveys
• Internship programs and alumni networking
• Community outreach for recruitment awareness


A STEM room with a project, made by charter school students, of orange gadgets and robotics equipment.

A key aspect of the school choice movement is the emphasis on accountability for excellent student outcomes:

• Charter compliance
• Reporting fulfillment
• Renewals and numerous annual site inspections
• Quality assurance
• Statutory compliance

Board Facilitation

High quality educators standing in front on a leadership wall as the future of education

A key aspect of the school choice movement is the emphasis on accountability for excellent student outcomes:

• Coordinating board meetings and training
• Public notice compliance
• Government in the Sunshine compliance (or other local compliance matters related to public meetings)

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